Reviews by Monica

Took this tour back in mid Oct so bit delayed on my review since I usually never bother but I felt like I needed to provide my positive feedback because I thoroughly enjoyed the tour because it delivered more than expected. Went with my boyfriend who had just returned from his East Asian trip so he was in a good position to do a comparative review. He definitely was pleased to find that the food tasted just like the food he tried over in East Asia. Besides all the great food that Joe made us try, he provided historical background of the area as well so that was a treat. We stopped at a Korean market and Hindu temple which we didn't expect so another great treat. Joe is really down to earth which is great given that we're not exactly gourmet chefs so we felt comfortable enough to ask any questions. Definitely would recommend this tour and looking to sign up for more tours with Joe. NOTE: Ladies, make sure you wear very comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet 90% of the time. It's all about the food on this tour.