Reviews by Leisa C.
Leisa C.

Our day with Lil, was the highlight of our first week in NY, and it has been an incredible week! She was so generous, knowledgable and incredibly passionate about thrifting and the stores we visited. It was like spending the day with a great friend, visiting favorite places, sharing stories, indulging in hunting for what are the great bargins of NYC. I recommend it as a must do for those who want to experience the real NY!

Reviews for Leisa C.
Lill G.

Leisa and her girls were wonderful thrift shoppers! They were experienced and serious thrifters out to find oodles of fun clothing for themselves. EXACTLY the folks I like to take out on these tours. I took them to all my favorites and they loved these places as much as I do. If every tour could be this much fun I'd do this full-time!