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YOL, Turkish for "the road,” offers transformative mind, body and service experiences designed for high-performers, corporate groups and individuals all over the world. Think of our experiences as "mini-sabbaticals” or "reset experiences" that touch participants on many meaningful levels (physical, mental, spiritual and a desire to give back to organizations in need).

Our focus is on worker engagement—getting people to shed the stress, expand their mind and reconnect with themselves and humanity. We offer yoga, mindfulness, stress-reduction training, and other activities combined with community service. Additional activities such as surfing, hiking, swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding or rock climbing vary depending on the locations’ assets.

In addition, YOL seeks to work hand in hand with local community-based organizations and NGOs on issues of poverty, health and environmental preservation. We want true partnerships and skill transfers between our participants and members of the community.

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