Tarte I.

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Reviews for Tarte I.

Wrote this guide three times without any reply!? And she didnĀ“t answer the booking eventhough the calendar was free.

Carlos O.
Carlos O. for Homemade Spanish Dinner

I have been in Alexandra's home with some friends from USA. They and I were amazed. All dishes are made with local products, perfect to serve with the auctochthonous wines that she have. Special mention for the desserts! It was a pleasant evening and a different experience in Barcelona.

Saul M.
Saul M. for Homemade Spanish Dinner

i really enjoyed the dinner at alexandra's place! amazing wines, and food. she's very nice and makes you feel so comfortable. so attentive to her guests! and if you feel like having a drink afterwards don't hesitate to ask her where to go, she knows the neighbourhood.

Laura D.
Laura D. for Food Tour of Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni is a beautifull place to discover. As a tourist you don't get to know the real city. I reaaally enjoy the tour! And Alex is the perfect guide to do it with, as she is from the area and loves food! We had a great time with her! Thanks, L.