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City Tours India a branch of SOULFIT JOURNEY, is a place to discover unique, cultural experiences from design, photography and street art experiences, to ethnic food tours, private dinners hosted by locals, back roads wine tastings and underground history, sightseeing and immersive cultural exchange. City Tours India is a home for anyone looking to experience honest, local culture through experiences created and hosted by passionate locals.

Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel within India. From Delhi to Mumbai to Cochin, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we have something for every kind of traveler. We are enabling locals to use their time and knowledge to earn a living by generating new sources of income, while creating a better India where people can experience richer and more meaningful lives.

Reviews for Himanshu

I thoroughly enjoyed the Gandhi tour - it was a very good and safe way to begin my visit to India before my tour started. A bonus was getting to learn how to hail and negotiate with cycle rickshaw and tuktuk operators, and to see how the metro works. What was a bit disconcerting was my guide turning up three hours early and not being the guide I expected to meet. My guide Abi/Ebi (sorry, unsure of spelling) was very courteous and professional, has excellent English and explained things well. I felt comfortable taking my time at each Gandhi venue. I would highly recommend this tour and on further adventures I will be looking into Vayable again.

Jackson G.

This was a good trip for myself, since I was traveling alone. The pickup at my hotel was prompt, and the 3.5 hour drive down pretty uneventful, if you need to stop, there are rest stops along the way with food and restrooms. We picked up an additional guide in Agra which I felt was not necessary. The Taj Mahal tour was pretty standard, there is a pre-defined 'route' to take. After the Taj, we visited Agra Fort, which was cool to see as well. Then, we stopped for lunch. Finally, we went by a artesian that produces works of arts with precious gemstones. I felt pressured to buy and did not enjoy this part of the tour. The drive back took about 3.5 hours as well, and they dropped me off at the airport as I had a flight leaving that night. All in all, I would give it 4 stars.

Christina B.

My friend and I took this tour a couple of month ago and had the great pleasure to meet such an amazing and welcoming family. I personally enjoy cooking and just being in the kitchen, and doing so and learning how to cook indian food was inspiring and fun of course. Thank you for your hospitality and the awesome food! Christina