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I am a Finn by origin but I have lived in other countries as well and travelled around quite a bit. I call Helsinki home and I know the place very well. I am into good food, cosy cafés, lush parks and green forests to name a few. I can tailor a tour to your needs. Do not hesitate to ask. I would love to show you the hidden jewels and the loveliest places of Helsinki.

Reviews for Jenni A.
Debra K.

Experience winter in Finland like a local! It was easy to spot Jenni, she was the one carrying cross-country skis in the middle of Helsinki. After boarding the metro bus, we were quickly whisked to a nearby xc ski area where we joined the lucky others enjoying the first good snowfall of the season. Given it was midweek, the outing felt as if we’d skipped school, and Jenni — fun, easy going, and a natural skier — was the perfect companion to share the day with. I can’t wait to return to Helsinki for another chance to ski with her!

Karmen M.

This was fantastic! The sauna is very relaxing and smells wonderful. The Baltic is...bracing. Cold but fun. And Jenni is absolutely delightful, helpful, and sweet. We definitely recommend this one.