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The dream of Biketour Napoli is to fill Naples with cyclists and bicycles! It astonishes also us how many unexplored places and beautiful spots can be discovered through our outings...Yes, we are cyclists and we like to ride in good company, alongside the blue sea, within our green parks, next to the yellow tuff cliffs, under the red sky of a sunset. Naples is such an intense and rich city that it must be discovered softly.So what a better way to visit it and stimulate our curiosity than cycling!In addition to the routes that you'll find on the site, we can arrange tours tailored to your ability and desires, such as road routes in the Sorrento peninsula, off-road adventures across Phlegrean hills, the legendary climb to Vesuvius and much more that we can set together.We are flexible, patient and always willing to stop and take pictures!

Here the profile of our giudes:

- Diego
- Luca [More]