Dana A.

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graduated from Pratt Institute with B.Architecture
exhibited audio projects at Beirut Art Center, Sultan Gallery
loves architectural history and travel

Reviews by Dana A.
Dana A.
Dana A. for Tastes of Istanbul

It is strange how a Polish could know so much about Turkish language and culture. The tour is more or less customized, and he showed me the sights of St Sophie and Sultan Ahmed mosque. I advise women to bring a headscarf for the mosque, but thats it. You dont have to worry about photos, as the lighting in some of the places can be tricky, Kaspar's photographs are really beautiful. I have also taken the tour with Kaspar at the Bazaar and that is also very cool. Ask him to show you a charming coffee shop nearby- he seems to know all the best ones! Have fun!

Dana A.
Dana A. for Enjoy Turkish Breakfast!

everytime i have visited istanbul, i have been surprised by the places that kaspar takes me. he knows the ins and outs of the city, primarily the best kept secrets of istanbul. i suggest to start with his breakfast tour, since his speciality is food! -- try the eggs menemen with sujuk (spicy sausage) if you love meat... delicious! buon apetito!

Reviews for Dana A.
Sven C.
Sven C. for Kuwait in a Day

I very much enjoyed my tour of Kuwait City with Dana last month. Her personal experiences and familiarity with the country were evident and she provided a true insider's perspective of the unfolding history of this dynamic and conflicted state. Her true appreciation for architecture and design guided us from the humble mud-hut origins of the city through to the busy marketplaces and finally to the iconic towers and buildings that most outsiders never stray too far from. I also had many questions about the local culture and customs and Dana was very open to sharing the different views and traditions that make Kuwait what it is today. As a country not yet that focused on tourism, Kuwait would do well to follow Dana's example in this personal, well-priced, and informative experience.

Basanth S.
Basanth S. for Kuwait in a Day

Solid tour which was very enriching given the limited time we had. Dana is clearly very knowledgeable about everything and is also really passionate about her country! Also, if her hilarious boyfriend happens to come along for the tour, you will be in for an even better time!