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Hi there dear traveler, welcome to Thailand, the most smiling country in the world as many people love to say.

My official Thai name is Yaowarak but my friends call me Angmo. I would love to welcome you to Thailand and give you a glimpse of my wonderful country and culture.

For many people Asia still means mystery and the great unknown. . . this mystery will hopefully stay in your heart forever. For the unknown, I see it as my proud and happy job to inform you about everything you ever wanted to know about Thailand.

I love to show and let you experience a sense of the real 'Thainess' as we call it. This means that next to a deep understanding of Thai history and culture, I will give you real Thai insights to what it is to be Thai. How we think and why we love to live in our harmonious and sometimes mysterious ways.

My services range from full day trips in Bangkok, to one or two day trips to for example Kanchanaburi. Or maybe you love to visit the historical sites of lost kingdoms? Then we shoul... [More]