Federica M.

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Since very young I started travel, always very curious to learn more and improve upon the skills I have already acquired . Since I started I never stop! First London, then Australia and all the surrounding like Asia, New Zealand, Fiji, I came back to europe and I lived in Barcelona, but travelled all around the country. My personality it's a result of all my journeys, all the different identities make the person that I'm today.
I like to describe my self as a friendly and open minded person, willing to meet people and articulately express ideas with them. I'm a talkative and smiling person, very enthusiastic for anything in life, believing that is a precious gift!
My work experience has turned me into a very observant person with the high quality communication skills, last experience at develop my skills of problem solving too.
My artistic school has gifted me love for photography, arts and it’s something I seek to explore further.
I’m dedicated to fashion, following blogs, mostly Englis... [More]