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Hello, my name is Yariv Gai…
Travelling is my passion, but beyond that, I love Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Thailand and The jewelry industry.
I was born in Israel. As a child, I visited Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, and I remember thinking that no place in the world can be more beautiful. Many years later, I have been to very many places, but my love for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa has not dwindled. On my first visit as a child, I swore to myself that I would once live and invest in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, and that dream stayed with me until I was able to actuate it in 2011.
The journey to my dream to live and invest in Tel Aviv was a long one, but every minute of it was worthwhile. I studied Bachelor in Tourism to indulge my passion for travelling. My first job in 1993 was as a customer care service manager at an automotive company. I worked there for three years before taking on a job as a freelance tour guide in 1996. I thoroughly enjoyed this job since it enabled me to travel, but had to move three years later to a job as a cultural representati... [More]