Masha D.

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In her former professional life, Masha Dowell was a mad scientist (literally), conducting research on HIV, HPV, & West Nile Virus, and handling quality assurance matters for huge companies like Baxter, LabCorp, and its subsidiary, National Genetics Institute.Fast forward to today, and you will find that she has morphed into an artist-scientist.Instead of conducting research in a laboratory, she now conducts research in order to create authentic, and lively stories, characters, and crafty ways to marry the two via film.

In October 2010, she launched The Culturatist, a blog dedicated to cinema, DIY crafts, and culture, while working simultaneously as a director, actor, and writer. Her company, Global Culture Science Brands, is home to several brands revolving around her areas of expertise. Masha lives in Los Angeles and is currently crewing up for her new comedy webseries,"Rain In LA." You can find her online at www.mashadowell.com