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I was born and spent my first five years in Mwanza, Tanzania. First language I learned to speak was Kiswahili. After a few orphanages I was adopted by Americans who work in Africa. At age six, I left Mwanza and after a stint in Shreveport, Louisiana and relocated to Samburu, Kenya.

My parents, both English-speaking Americans, speak Kiswahili and Samburu fluently as did I. At ten I moved to the US. Duncanville, Texas to be exact.

We remained in Texas for three years before relocating to Francistown, Botswana (with two year interval in Trieste, Italy). It was in Botswana I discovered media communications and reasoning that university would refine my interest.

I applied to Webster University in Saint Louis, MO, known for Study Abroad (I did a semsester London) and at nineteen enrolled as an Ad major.

During the summer of 2014 I interned at a top Advertising / Marketing Communications agency in New York City. While here, I not only made many professional and personal connections, but fell in lo... [More]