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I am Tarun born and bought up in New Delhi, India. I love traveling. I am assisting my dad in the hospitality business. He owns an In-Bound tour operation company "Adventure Holiday Tours, India ( ). This business allows me to show people around Delhi and other areas. I love taking people to my Family€™s village which is around 220kms from Delhi. It is a small village of 16 houses and not more than 60 people live there, all the people live in village are Sharma's, We have a little land as well where we grow wheat, rice, sugarcane and mustard. I find this opportunity very rewarding and FUN. It is better than sitting behind a desk for me atleast.

I also met lots of people via couchsurfing which is an experience as well.

I can cook, i know some very good yoga positions as headnstand and i know some very beautiful sunsent places around india :)

As a traveler i do understand what a traveler is seeking for, i know everyone is different and have different expectation and tha... [More]

Reviews for Tarun S.

Tarun offers a wonderful tour of the temples and of Old Delhi, he is an animated, joyful and passionate person, who loves to share the stories of the country he loves. This is a wonderful tour which will get you started for your trip in India. In addition he offers trips out of Delhi, I took a Golden Triangle tour with his company and had a wonderful experience seeing the Taj Mahal and the Pink City, Jaipur. I highly recommend you take this tour, it will give you a great introduction to this beautiful, fascinating county and prepare you for the rest of India!


Tarun was a lucky find. I travelled with him for 5 and 1/2 weeks last year so had a chance to get to know him pretty well. In fact I found him so good that I'm going back for another trip this year. Tarun made my trip easy, hassle free, flexible, safe and lots of fun. He has a real understanding, knowledge and love of his own country but is also interested in other places and keen to travel himself. He quickly got an idea of what I was wanting and tailored my trip to suit my interests and preferred way of travel. I can quite honestly say that in 5 and 1/2 weeks we didn't have one issue. At all times he was honest, reliable, respectful, reliable and interesting. Tarun has lived in Delhi all of his life so understands and knows it well. He was able to show me out of the way places and take me to good restaurants and shopping areas. I also got to see how the real people of Delhi live, rather than just visiting the tourist attractions....although I got to do that as well. I was particularly fortunate to be able to go to the village of his extended family....not something most tourists to India get to do. I can really give Tarun and his company the thumbs up. In a place like India where it's not so easy to travel alone, and where the unsuspecting (and even the suspecting) tourist is vulnerable to many scams, it felt really great to have someone looking out for me and providing me with an unforgettable experience. Thanks Tarun, you are great!