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Hey there. I'm a Filipino-American native of Chicago.

I believe in exploring communities with locals, getting immersed into the culture, and sharing food.

I worked on Michigan Avenue at the Terra Museum of American Art for several years coordinating tours before it closed in 2004.

Fast forward several years, I followed my dream to take a year off to travel and volunteer. On this journey I did a 935 km solo bicycle tour on the Pan-American Highway with no prior experience or training.

I've been to over 24 countries in Europe, South America, and Asia on various trips. I've lived in Las Vegas, on the beach in Costa Rica, and in one of the most innovative cities in the world Medellin, Colombia.

I always knew Chicago was a world class city, but it wasn't until I moved away and came back that I understood why.

During my travels I was lucky enough to meet people who showed me places that couldn't be found in a guide book or tour. I'll do the same for you.