Reviews by Ashley K.
Ashley K.

I tagged along with my husband on a last minute work trip to Paris, with nothing but time to explore the city ALONE. This was very scary and exciting, but I found myself paralyzed with to-see lists and a little fear of going at it by myself (high school french almost totally forgotten). I had been to Paris once before and had seen the main tourist sights (had never been on the metro), but I wanted to dig deeper and really get off the beaten path. I found Anne's blog, Pret a Voyager, via the DesignSponge Paris City Guide. I stubbled across Vayable on her blog my first evening in Paris, and was touring with Anne the next afternoon! She responded to my request immediately the next morning and met me at my hotel across the city (on time). She taught me about the metro, showed me how to buy tickets, took me to all of her favorite design shops, stores for children (I have a 2 year old), markets, parks, and bakeries (I'm still thinking about the chocolate pistachio escargot roll). I felt like I was hanging with a long lost friend all afternoon who helped me make many purchases, taught me a little etiquette and equipped me with the confidence and a new must see list for the rest of the week. In 4 hours, my whole perception changed and I was ready to conquer the city for the rest of the week alone. I continued through the week to go down the list of restaurants and things she suggested I do and had the most wonderful adventures. I felt as if I was the one 'in the know'. Stumbling across Anne on Vayable was so serendipious and I will remember my trip to Paris and my time with her always.