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A transplanted Brit, Anna is an ex-BBC reporter, long-time freelance writer and lifelong art lover. She studied art history at the Courtauld Institute in London and has lived in Santa Fe long enough to get up, close and personal with the art scene there and to separate the good from the, frankly, underwhelming. Join her, to discover the very best that historic Canyon Rd. has to offer!

Reviews for Anna S.
Carol T.
Carol T. for Art Lovers Art Tour

Four of us took a tour on August 4, 2015. We were 15 minutes early to the meeting place and Anna was there. We had a nice opening conversation on Canyon Road and the Santa Fe art scene. We then visited 6-7 galleries on Canyon Road. At each we had the attention of the owner or onsite manager and a private tour through the gallery, ofter with lots of very interesting information. The art was a spectrum from Santa Fe contemporary to modern to traditional. At the end we stopped for beer and chips and Guacamole at the top of Canyon Road. on a shaded porch of a restaurant. It was three hours well spent, although unlike some tours most of the information came from the gallery owners and not Anna. She gave us a give bag at the end with coupons and a small gift. We were very glad we did it as we got attention from the owners, which was the real value added. If you know what you are doing and want to see among the 100 galleries on Canyon Road you don't need this, but Anna is very nice and it worked for us.

Magita S.
Magita S. for Art Lovers Art Tour

What a terrific tour this was ! having lived in Santa Fe for many years and visited the galleries on Canyon Road this was a real eye opening treat. At each gallery we visited we learned so much about the artists and their history, it made the experience so much richer and satisfying than just cruising the galleries.

Harvey M.
Harvey M. for Art Lovers Art Tour

In the ten years I have known Anna, her passion for art has made me appreciate it all the more. She makes the experience and fun of a Canyon Road walk all the more enjoyable with her intelligent and, at times, irreverent discussion of the art in the galleries there. Canyon Road now has over 120 galleries, which can be quite overwhelming for visitors, who also may not realize that only a handful are really top notch. Having someone like Anna, who knows art and knows the street well, as a guide, is a great way for art lovers to cut through the confusion and go straight to the very best.

Tom A.
Tom A. for Art Lovers Art Tour

On Jul;y 19th, I went on the Art Lovers Tour along Canyon Road. The leader was well prepared-informative, articulate and had set it up so we spoke with the owners of each gallery. We visited Native American galleries to Contemporary galleries. It is a terrific walking tour.