Rina K.

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I am a traveler, a backpacker, a permanent student, a cook, a party-girl, the best friend, a good daughter, a hospitable, independent and curious person.

What friends say? I have uncountable number of friends from all over the World! And I love them all! My friends call me very sociable, friendly personality! I hope it is true :)

I like: Travel, buy tickets, quit jobs, knowing new places and people, make friends, meet friends, my backpack, Internet, movies, my iPod, my phone, taking a part in any kind of events, my city Barcelona.

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Rina K.
Rina K. for Discover Istanbul Nightlife!

I would totally recommend you this tour, It might become your best Experience ever! Taksim district is something very special! You can see the difference and contrasts of the Turkish culture through it nightlife. Istanbul is one of the most amazing capitals in the world. It is a lot of fun day and night! We visited few bars and few clubs getting drinks and meeting new people. By the way turkish are very friendly, kind and polite people. They like to party! Greg was helpful and nice! I guess he knows about Turkey and Istanbul more then some locals!!! It was unforgettable night that i would like to repeat one more time! Thank you, Greg, and take care!