As a landscape urbanist in San Francisco since 1999 I've worked on the re-design, renovation and construction of streets, plaza and parks around the city including Civic Center Plaza; parks and streetscapes in the Mission, Tenderloin, Pacific Heights, Glen Canyon, Excelsior and Richmond Neighborhoods; and trails in the Presidio.

I believe that everyone can be more creative by giving attention to the everyday world outside. This knowledge fuels imagination. I'm a licensed landscape architect in California and have been a part of the design on over a dozen parks, plazas and gardens in San Francisco.

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Lorrie G.
Lorrie G. for Read the City Tour

I had the opportunity to go on Mary Muszynski's Read The City Tour yesterday, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As our group slowly walked around the Embarcadero area, Mary suggested sensory "notes" that we could become aware of - sounds (birds, kids shouting, music playing, machines creaking, engines reving), the texture and embrace (or not) of various buildings, the light revealed by architecture. We looked at the "signs" on the street - where the electrical, water, sewer lines were. We investigated the gradual fill of the shoreline, and where the old wooden boats that the miners came on are sunk and buried. We became aware of the topography of the streets. A really interesting & enlightening tour, & grist for the mill. Thanks, Mary!