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My name is Dee (Douwe) and I have traveled for 5,5 years around the world before arriving back in my home country. I lived in various countries and love learning new languages. I lived in Russia, Australia and China. The last one is where I got the idea to do tours on sidecar motorcycles, there I worked as a guide at Now I started doing it myself at Besides being an enthusiastic guide I am also a fulltime student. I study theoretical physics and I am doing a minor in Amsterdam history. So besides the local history, I am always very happy to talk about quantum physics or the general theory of relativity.

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Jim for Sidecar Motorcycle-Keukenhof Flower Tour

Me and my wife did a tour with Dee (Douwe). We only booked a night before, however he was more than willing to show us around. We went on the tour being very excited. First he showed us Volendam (the fishing village). There we walked around and had some amazing fried cod. After that we drove through the countryside which was extremely beautiful and very serene. We finished the tour in the center Amsterdam where we drove around for about an hour. We were the first tourists to go on Douwes tour (through Vayable) and we were a bit cautious. Luckily it turned out Douwe is a great guide and he could answer every singe question we had. We definitely recommend Douwe!