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Hi, I'm a journalism major studying in Antwerp. I have a passion for random, low-budget trips to cities or little villages. I can help you in both. I was raised in a small town but study in a big city. In both of those I got to know the backstory. Not only do I speak a couple of languages rather fluently, I also have a great passion for history, your story (seriously, I love talking to travelers) and showing people the less know facts and the true stories.

If you're not interested in all that and just want a good hard night out in Belgian cities, fear not. I have a foot in every city in Belgium. I can guarantee you the best parties in my home town Hoogstraten (Highstreet in English) and Antwerp. Besides that I can take you to Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, Louvain and Hasselt.

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Santiago V.
Santiago V. for The Secrets of Antwerp

My wife and I were in Antwerp for 3 days out of a 6 day trip to Belgium. As we don't like to do bus tours when we travel, we really wanted a unique experience, so gave Jonas a try through Vayable. WOW! This was probably the best decision of the entire trip. For some context, I work in travel, and have traveled extensively through Western Europe, North America, and South America. The tour we had with Jonas was exceptional to say the least. Not only did he show us the main sites, he told us unique, local stories through his point of view, and took us to some great places to have a beer. Do yourself a favor, book time with Jonas... his English is flawless, his persona laid back and friendly, and the man is a renaissance man: he can talk to you about food, beer, history, politics, culture, video games, or whatever you want. The only bad thing about the time we had is that the day only has 24 hours.