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I live in the Mission district of San Francisco and work at Airbnb. My educational background is in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence. I spend my time hanging out with friends, reading, writing, listening to music, going to concerts, wandering around the city, and working on "side projects".

Reviews by Christopher L.
Christopher L.
Christopher L. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

I've been into street art for a while and like to keep up with the changing murals in my hometown of San Francisco, but I had never actually messed around with spray paint or stencils before. Having Adie teach me some of the techniques used (including using standard kitchenware to create some awesome background patterns on my stencil) was a great experience! The tour bit was also really unique, even for a street art tour: at one point, we hopped onto the S-bahn and crowded against the windows to catch a glimpse of large-scale pieces as they whizzed by. I'd never done anything like that before, and I think it's an incredible way to see the art that Berlin has to offer. I highly recommend taking this tour if you get a chance!

Christopher L.

Luis is a fantastic tour guide with intimate knowledge of Iquitos and the Amazon rainforest in Peru. He came highly recommended to me and my girlfriend when we visited Iquitos, and we don't regret our tour with him one bit. He took us on a night walk to find tarantulas, a piranha fishing trip, a hike to one of the biggest and oldest trees in the rainforest, and a care center for all kinds of monkeys! We saw water buffalo and sugarcane farms and even learned how to drink water from the inside of a tree branch. Throughout it all, Luis delivered explanations of everything in both English and Spanish, and made sure everyone in our group was comfortable and having fun. I highly recommend touring the vibrant Iquitos area and beautiful surrounding rainforest with Luis as your guide.

Reviews for Christopher L.
June L.
June L. for Sample the Best Veggie Fare

If you're a vegetarian in town for a few days looking for delicious vegetarian places, Christopher is your guy. He took me to a couple really unique places where we sampled small bites and learned about where the vegetables came from right from the source! He's also an adventurous eater, so you'll always be in for a surprise.

Raihana R.
Raihana R. for Used Bookstore Crawl

I really enjoyed the used bookstore crawl - Topher definitely knows his way around the bookstore scene in San Francisco. We started out in the Mission, at Dog Eared Books, worked our way through the neighbourhood's many used bookstores (talking the whole time about the neighbourhood, and all the good food it had to offer, as well as the kinds of books we liked to read and our favourite authors, obviously), and finished up at Green Apple Books. I managed to score some really good finds, including a signed copy of Adrian Tomine's 'Summer Blonde' at Green Apple Books. Too bad I didn't think to check how much space I had in my luggage before the tour: I could have bought WAY more books that day! I highly recommend this tour if you're a bookworm and love to spend time in bookstores.

Vayable T.
Vayable T. for Used Bookstore Crawl

The used bookstore hop is great for seasoned bookworms or people who just want to learn a bit about literature. What better way to spend an afternoon than strolling through the sunny Mission district of San Francisco meeting people who love books and purchasing them for cheap!

June L.
June L. for Used Bookstore Crawl

Christopher is funny, quirky, friendly, and knowledgeable about literature. We started out in the Mission, where he also pointed out his favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and street murals as we walked past them. His excitement about certain authors and works that he likes is contagious, and there was never a dull moment looking though books with him. Once he learned about some of the topics and genres I enjoy reading about, he was able to give many recommendations that suited my taste. From creaky and quiet to upbeat and fun, each bookstore had a different vibe. In the end, we shared a meal at the best Burmese restaurant in the city, where we met a retired doctor and dancer who now do gigs as clowns at children's birthday parties. I can’t wait to read the books that I discovered during our adventure!