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Rahul K.

As a foodie who loves learning about different cultures through food, spending the morning with Chef Tan was one of the highlights of my Saigon trip. I was picked up on time by one of their tour guides, and even though the trip was almost 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh to the farm, the tour guide was fun to ride with. She was curious, knowledgable, and a safe rider. Once we arrived in the farm, apparently it was only myself in the class in the morning, so I really had time to understand all the vegetables, fruit, how it's incorporated into Vietnamese cuisine, and cooking. The medicinal aspect was not as elaborated as the historical and nutritional aspect, but that didn't bother me. The process of cooking, and the layout was impeccable. The whole process, cleaning between each dish, taking photos throughout the classes, and even the assistants ensuring that I didn't mix the wrong ingredients was like surgical precision. Cleaning and resetting the tables and providing fresh ingredients and cooking utensils between meals was quick, efficient, and imperceptible. Chef Tan is extremely knowledgeable, and I was grateful to spend time learning with him, and I really liked his own spin on certain dishes. He also is well versed with nutrition, organic farming, and how the farming affects the ingredients that end up on your plate and in your body, so I was thrilled to soak up all that valuable knowledge. He was also very systematic in explaining the steps and helpful when I was in doubt of what I was doing. After the half-day cooking class he even offers guided tours of the Cu Chi Tunnels, rice paper shops, that make fresh rice paper rolls and Rubber Trees. The tour guide who drive me from Ho Chi Minh was great! Knowledgable, super enthusiastic from the rice paper shop, to the rubber trees to exploring the tunnels with me, and patient. Overall, I'd say this was one of the best experiences I've had!

Rahul K.

Quynh Anh is very enthusiastic, deeply curious, globally switched on, and just a fun person to experience Saigon with. Being a foodie, with dietary restrictions, and with non-specific requests, even up until the day we met, she made sure that we went to places that piqued my interest, and satisfied my curiosity about Saigon. She's a foodie too, but with some historical places, even though she didn't know everything about them , she went out of her way to find out as much as she could. The bike ride was hairy, though, if you're prone to motion-sickness, avoid peak-hour traffic! Other wise, riding in Saigon was not as bad as expected (it's much better than Indian roads!). Meeting Quynh Anh, as a local was one of the highlights of my trip, and I definitely suggest spending a day with her, if you're not too picky about historic details.

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Tan O.

Hi Rahul It was amazing day to meet you . we got great memories times with you . You have great Passionate of Food . Hope you enjoy to cook all our recipes at Home and let us know if you need anything support Best Take Care Chef Tan