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Michelle for Queens Tastes of the World

Jeff is a wonderful guide. He is laid-back but schedule oriented and keeps you moving. He is friendly with the proprietors you visit and, in turn, they are friendly to you. Jeff is community oriented and really cares about the people and multiple cultures in his Jackson Heights neighborhood. We were right on schedule and I couldnt have asked for a more jam packed food tour. I am a picky person when it comes to food i.e., I hate paying for bad/bland/poorly prepared food or food that is just thoughtless. I have traveled extensively (lots of SE Asia, Mexico, the Carribean, Tahiti, Latin America, Lots of Canada and US and I lived in San Francisco for 22 years and now I am back to my roots near LA) and I will try anything once so I was very happy to taste some food I had not tasted before that were spot on-whoo hoo! SO GO! Go even if you are jaded, it will cheer your soul. GO even if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn or Queens or Long Island. Jeff knows his stuff and the people. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself if you like fabulous flavors, a warm neighborhood and being in places you may not expect.

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Thanks for being awesome