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powder lover and top North American ski blogger, Powder Matt Mosteller (aka Powder Matt) is a retired ski bum who has a really messy office and rides a bicycle to work, or in the winter he has even skied to work. Some say Powder Matt, who fell in love with skiing when he was four, is obsessed with the sport. His goal was simple: to share all the incredible attributes of the sport of skiing, from the special bond, to the benefits of spending time outdoors to the thrill of floating through fluffy weightless and effortless powder on a bluebird day in the Canadian Rockies, and to put some of the theories he’d developed as a ski bum into practice. He believed that skiing and mountain adventure time could provide purpose and enjoyment in our lives. Check out his first book 'Adventurer's Guide to a Happy Life' available on Amazon. BTW you can also catch his stories in major Canadian Newspapers like the Calgary Herald and Vancouver Sun about outdoor gear, outdoor activities and adventure