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Fahd B.

Garry teaches you the art of reading souls. After this experience, you won't just have a bunch of nice pretty pictures of people (which you will), but you'll have an appreciation for the people around you and the importance of being connected to each other which we too often forget. Garry has an amazing ability to approach complete strangers and within minutes make them as comfortable as a life-long friend - and then he'll ask you to do the same - because the point I think he's trying to make is that we all have a natural inclination to tell our stories, to pour out our soul to the world.

Fahd B.
Fahd B. for Sushi Class in Nature W/ Executive Chef

This has been one of my favorite Vayable experiences (and I've been on quite a few!). Emmy is a fantastic guide and this experience was educational, enjoyable and well organized. The hike was the perfect length that you get to observe the surroundings while Emmy explains some interesting factoids (such as "the family circle"). Learning to make sushi out in the wilderness is certainly a unique experience and it worked surprisingly well. It was refreshing to create and bond out in the open and amongst nature. We sat on a bench in a nice shaded area with all the materials set out. We were led step by step from the preparation to rolling our own sushi. The best part? That you get to eat the sushi after you make it!

Fahd B.

This was a great hiking tour as it had a perfect mix of interesting people, sights, attractions and actual hiking. As an amateur photographer I really enjoyed all the great photo ops that I never knew existed in the Presidio. There is so much to explore in the area as there are miles and miles of trails and this is a really good intro to urban hiking in SF. Our guide was knowledgeable, fun, great conversationalist, and well-organized - and we had an awesome group of people as well! So book this tour now; it is absolutely worth it!

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Great photo - great guy) What to say

Emmy N.

What a sweet genuine guy! I really enjoyed meeting Fahd and learning about his travels, life stories and passion for photography! He helped make Wilderness Sushi a ton of fun, and brought his creative and thoughtful eye to the whole experience! I would love to have him on my tours in the future! Also, he is a fantastic photographer that will make your tours look like they were out of National Geographic :)

Alexandra K.

It was great meeting Fahd on my recent Presidio hike. It was fun chatting with him, and he took lots of photos of the experience. I hope to see him again on a future hike!