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Grace Della, Ethnic Dining Expert
Hello, my name is Grace Della. A little bit about me; The idea of offering culinary tours came to me almost 10 years ago when I first mentioned it to my mother. My mom loves to cook, loves food and learning about different cultures just as much as I do. About 10 years ago I was at my parent’s home and my mom and I were sitting outside overlooking her 60 different varities of orchids in her lush tropical garden after having a few too many glasses of Malbec wine. I looked inside my mother’s rustic kitchen with copper pans hanging from the ceiling, turn my head back to her and said “Mom, you have a passion for cooking, you love people and teaching is in your blood” (my mother owned and operated a grammar school for 20 years so she knew a thing or two about teaching), “as soon as I get back home I am starting to market cooking classes and culinary tours for you to conduct right here in your beautiful kitchen and picturesque town.”
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Reviews for Grace D.
Armando B.

I loved this foodie tour! The guide (Ashley) was superb! She had a lot of energy, spoke clearly, and had a great attitude. We smoothly transitioned from spot to spot. What a pleasure it was to enjoy some quality bites with someone pleasant and knowledgeable!

Miguel P.

Excellent Experience!!! I recomend this food tour.