Reviews - Syssa E.

David K.

Well, there are some trips are nice, some are great, and then there those that are truly memorable. Memorable is what I experienced in Iceland with Sigrún Syssa Einars who goes by Syssa. From the very first contact you could feel just how much Syssa cares that you enjoy your stay in her homeland, learn about Iceland and it's culture, and do the things that you would like to do. We emailed for about a month before the trip where Syssa very meticulously provided me with so many options that it was difficult to chose. But in the end I decided on a relaxed tour where the history, culture, and beauty of Iceland would be the keynotes. Beyond the willingness and even need to please Syssa is very "up" on everything Iceland and was able to provide a wonderful dialogue as we drove to various sites. As the time passed it was more like Syssa was an old friend introducing you to her country rather than a tour guide. When I left Iceland I felt that I had learned so much, that my experience was very unique and that I had made a new friend. Syssa is a warm, caring, and intelligent woman who I believe will do anything in her power to provide the very best tour of Iceland possible. If you are going to tour Iceland be sure to let Syssa be your guide. Five Stars! (Great! I will recommend to my friends) *****