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My name is Simone, I'm musician, songwriter, composer and artistic photographer.

I'm really a easy-going person, I like rock concerts, go out with friends, taste good food, travel as much as I can, enjoy the life and make new friends!

In the past 5 years I traveled a lot and now I have friends everywhere. When my friends or friends of my friends come in Milan, for me it is a pleasure share and show them my town because I really love Milan.

And I really like share and show the real soul essence of Milan: share history, culture, food, music and art of the place where i live!

And this is what I wanna do here! Welcome:)

Reviews for Simone
Sabrina H.

Simone was our local Milan guide in January 2016. He is friendly and his English is good enough to carry a conversation. We had great conversations during our walking tour - we share different point of view, different culture, and he really show us different Milan (this is my third time in Milan). We had a great time. One thing I want to point out, is that Simon really can walk. I didn't know this until the end of the walking tour that he prefer walking over taking Subway so guess what, we walk 16 miles in one day; we did take a few short break for coffee, juice and pastries but we have never walk this much in ONE day. Thank you Simone for a wonderful experience. Sabrina