Reviews by Jocelyn M.
Jocelyn M.
Jocelyn M. for Skip the Line Tour of Vatican Museums

Dina gave me more for my money than any of my other 3 tours in Italy. She is very smart, interesting, and she made the whole tour more personable. There were things that people asked about the sights that were somewhat specialized, and she knew the answers like a pro. She offered lots of ideas for us to pursue on our own too. I LOVED the fact that she did give us shorter lines and waits. I saw it happen over and over. It's an exhausting tour because of the crowds but she managed our logistics really really well. Thank you Dina. jocelyn and margie

Jocelyn M.
Jocelyn M. for Paint a Date, Friend, or Mate

This day turned out to be my favorite day in NYC during my week's visit. How unique an experience ! I painted ! I've never done this before, but working with a true artist would be productive for a painter at any point in their life I think. Her company was terrific and warm. The food she shared was a treat and she used the best supplies. I felt so lucky to have an opportunity to get a lesson from someone who made it fun and interesting. I took home two paintings; additionally, I learned new information about New York from a local denizen of the art scene. Terrific ! Don't skip this because you're shy. It's really pleasant.

Jocelyn M.

Robin wont let you down. I enjoyed the boutiques and insights as much as the company. Shes a treat and a good stylist. I am so glad i contacted her. Good value.

Jocelyn M.
Jocelyn M. for Customized "Making" Workshop

We wanted to do something different. We like tours, factories and high tech. This Vayable package at the Tech Shop was beyond our expectations. Our guide spent the whole afternoon with us, showing us how to use equipment, demonstrating technology, explaining attributes of powder coating, laser printing, 3D printing, high pressure water and garnet steel cutting equipment, and more. It was exactly what we'd hoped we'd be able to see; and then we got to make our own project. Fun business here. Try it, you'll discover your inner child who never got enough time making things with an erector set. Real cutting edge stuff..... pun intended.

Reviews for Jocelyn M.
Carolyn J.

Jocelyn lucked up and was my only client when we did the gospel and brunch tour. We acted like to old girlfriends touring Harlem, attending church and dining at one of my favorite places La Bodega 47. Jocelyn I hope your husband has to come back to New York very soon for work again -:).

Kim G.

Jocelyn seemed lovely and we had great communication and she was very flexible—but unfortunately she got the flu terribly and had to cancel. We're aiming to reschedule on her next trip to NYC. I'm looking forward to working with her!