Paul S.

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My experience living on kibbutz (communal farm) in Israel had significant impact on my personal and professional development, shaping my sense of identity and purpose, enriching my connection with community, and has driven my desire for justice, and a simple life in balance with land and nature. Although my work still takes me to many places in the world, it is peaceful Costa Rica and more specifically Finca Rio Perla, that is really home.

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June L.

I'd say out of the three options for visiting the farm, this is the best one. It will allow you to experience many of the things that the farm has to offer at a leisurely pace. I stayed here for a week - practicing my Spanish with Vivian / Efrain (and others who work on the farm), eating so much fresh and delicious food, learning about farming from Rick, exploring the waterfalls and the rainforest, and more. I'm so glad that Paul decided to open the farm up and encourage visitors to come see it because it's truly a hidden gem!

June L.

After going to the more touristy destinations in Costa Rica, I can definitely say that this is an experience you won't forget. Rick, who works on the farm, is so knowledgeable about permaculture and in tune with the spirit of the plants. Vivian and Efrain, who also live on the farm, are Costa Ricans born and bred, who love cooking authentic food and showing you around! I spent a week here expanding my city-girl boundaries doing everything from cliff jumping at waterfalls (yikes!) to getting in touch with nature to working with animals.