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Since I was a kid many people has been asking me where I was from. I’ve never understand why they were really asking me that much. Possibly because I look like european, but who in Argentina doesn’t have european grandparents, right?

I’ve always loved big adventures and I feel like travelling is the most intense way of experience them. Like the time I walked down 6km through the rain into darkness of Chirripó Mountain in Costa Rica, only with the Iphone’s note app, as a flashlight. #bestappever

I was born and raised in Belgrano neighbourhood and because its a very dinamic barrio, I’m never tired of knowing new spots, trying out new restaurants and walking its streets

I lived in Buenos Aires for all my life and I love this city. I believe everyone should experience daily Porteño's activities... I'll do all my effort for you to feel the urge to move to Buenos Aires! Let me show you!...

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Heather H.
Heather H. for LocalDazzle Me

This tour was so amazing...where do I even start?! My best friend from high school and I were looking for a unique Argentina experience... something not in the tour books but authentic, different and fun. We came across Ari's mystery local dazzle me tour and since it was fairly cheap we said "why not?". We were two women travelling alone so at first were a little apprehensive but Ari's professionalism, as well as the fact we went through Vayable...thus leaving a clear paper trail, put us at ease. Before you read any further do not go on this tour if you expect a tour in the traditional sense.... such as following a cheesy guide carrying a little flag and talking AT you. This tour is not that...it is an experience and a journey. If you are a person who wants to go from point to point, from site to site and either carries a bulky camera around your neck or wears a visible fanny pack do not go on this. Continuing... Prior to arriving in Argentina Ari and I had been emailing back and fourth so I think he was able to get a feel for the types of things my friend and I like doing so when we met with him close to our rented apartment our journey started. Ari customizes each tour based on your tastes/interests/personality so I would hate to tell you of my experience and have you want an identical one when you might have an entirely different travelling style/ experiences you find fun. I will say that Ari took us to unique places in the city and even out of the city to experience Argentina culture at it's finest. Yes, we did take pictures. We even met up with one of his friends who shared her experiences living in Argentina. We bonded over some Yerba Mate and the whole time I felt as though we were all long lost friends who had only reunited. My first thought was that Ari was just trying to ensure a good tip, but that thought quickly faded as he appeared genuine and sincerely was trying to make our short time here memorable. The experience took the better part of a day and we ended our time together laughing over coffee and submarinos(hot milk/cream where you stir in a chocolate bar...kind of a do it yourself hot chocolate). We started as strangers and left as friends and this "tour" has been the best experience we have had in Argentina thus far ( well...seeing a ballet at Teatro Colon was pretty amazing too). I highly recommend it, especially if you are the type of person who enjoys spontaneity and is ok with stepping a bit out of your comfort zone to try something new and exciting.

Emily C.

Ari is simply wonderful. At the last minute, I joined his walking tour of Belgrano, and it was the best day of my trip to Buenos Aires thus far. He shared local history and facts about the neighborhood, as well as interesting stories about his own personal history with each place. This brought the neighborhood to life, and I was so glad to be walking around with a local. At the end of the day, we wanted more! So we hopped on a bus and went to the river, where we sipped mate and ate cookies, and talked about the city, and about life. It was a fantastic day, because it felt real, like we were locals having a day on the town. Ari helped me practice my Spanish, and answered my many questions about the area. I highly recommend Ari and any tour he puts together.

June L.

Ari was a great guide! We walked around the places he knew and grew up in. It was a great way to get to know the local culture, and he goes out of his way to help out. His enthusiasm is great! He was really friendly, shared his traditions with us and also his snacks!

Girish S.

the real currency of the tour is ari's chill, laidback personality, and his willingness to be open about any and all things buenos aires! we just wanted to explore the city and bombard him with questions, and he was totally cool with that. we learned a A LOT of buenos aires, ended up getting caught in a random torrential downpour (from which ari quick thinkingly had us on a bus and safe) highly recommend

Matt C.

We connected with Ari through Vayable to help us assemble a "local perspective" tour for the very last day of our South America trip. Not an easy undertaking, after two weeks of travelling and having seen lots of sites and taken lots of pictures. However, Ari admirably met the challenge and took us on a great trip through the Recoleta and nearby neighborhoods. He was very conscientious of our schedule and safety (especially travelling with our young daughter), and helped us discover some truly unique aspects of Buenos Aires we would not have found on our own. When we entered Recoleta cemetery, his research helped us see some of the lesser known sites that revealed some great stories about Argentina's history. Part historian, part travel companion, Ari is 100% a genuinely helpful, thorough guide who was the perfect end to our South America journey. We look forward to our next trip to Argentina and can't wait to see what tours he's developed next.

John M.

Ari was a fantastic guide who showed us so many interesting areas of Buenos Aires. He was affable and answered my ceaseless questions with ease. He was friendly and knowledgeable and definitely put us at ease on our first day in Buenos Aires.

Camila L.

Ariel organized a custom tour considering our interests. We discover different neighbourhoods and we had a horrible storm during the day! So he tooked us to a great music museum and we enjoy it a lot too. Thanks Ari! I recommend the tour!

Vero I.

Ariel, thank you very much for showing me the "other side" of Buenos Aires. You were an excellent guide. I recommend you to any other international tourist who wants to have a great and unforgettable experience in B.A. Veronica Ixtla- México