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Lindsay W.

My fiancé and I took a tour with Anne on August 13th. It was our first day in Paris, and I cannot think of a better way to start off our trip. I had sent Anne my itinerary before we met, and she was so kind as to call some of the places I wanted to visit to see if they were open (it is August and many places in Paris are closed… something we didn’t know too much about). She was extremely helpful at giving us an overview of the city, how to use the metro, where the street signs are, when to cross the street (and how silent the busses can be), and all of the basic information in order to get around the city safely. Not only was she very informative, but also very nice! I found myself just wanting to sit and have tea with her and hear about her life. After our tour was over, she offered to make us dinner reservations and even emailed us later on with more tips and to check in! I was able to contact her a few times with additional questions, which was a life saver! Our trip to Paris would not have been as successful without our tour with Anne. I would absolutely suggest anyone traveling to Paris to tour with Anne. In fact, I wrote her information out to about four American couples we met during our trip and encouraged them to contact her. Her services would make anyone’s Paris trip a more pleasurable experience! Not only that, but her tours are very reasonably priced, and she ended up saving us a lot of money by teaching us the metro system so we didn’t have to take cabs. She is also great with restaurant/shopping recommendations!! Thank you Anne! You really made our trip wonderful!

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Anne D.

Lindsay and her fiance were wonderful and so easy to talk to. I loved how open minded they were for exploring the city. Time flew by so fast. We had a great morning together and hope I have more guests like them :)