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generally, I don't like to talk about myself, cause I like to know about others, it was the first thing to know about me ;)
I love to meet new people, show them the real magic in my country, help them have a real discover and try the real local life, especially clean traditional food, and not what 95 % of tourist eat in touristic places where they serve sh***y food, unfortunately. and yes in my country sadly people profit from tourist a bad way, and I was hating that because our religion neither our traditions tolerate that... and since I was a child I was remarking that ..... Oh, I didn't say hello !!! Hello am an open minded person, young man (25 year), am a therapist basically, with natural medicine ( acupuncture, cupping therapy .....), am building my career as entrepreneur, am addicted to personal and professional development, and I believe that there's nothing able to teach me that like meeting people from different countries, with different mentalities ideas experiences and convictions.... so plea... [More]