Penny D.

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Julie H.

Penny and I spent a delightful couple of hours together in Bozeman, hiking and touring our downtown. She is a wonder! Talented and well-traveled. Within minutes, you feel as if you have always known her. I very much hope our paths cross again in the future.

Reviews by Penny D.
Penny D.

I loved my time with Julie in Bozeman! She took me on a great hike that overlooked town and all the mountains and she is very knowledgable about the area as she has been here for almost 40 years. She's in good shape too so she kept me on my game on the hike! :) A very kind and lovely woman~I really enjoyed being with her and hearing her stories and perspective on life in Montana. After the hike Julie drove me through town and showed me the layout which was super helpful later as I ventured through town for myself looking for dinner, music and fun things to do. Bozeman is a sweet little place with lots of history, impressive eateries, great shops, music, health food stores, and people having fun and mingling. If you go to Bozeman I definitely recommend starting your morning with Julie. Thank you Julie for your warm welcome and genuine kindness ❤️ I miss Montana already and look forward to coming back! XO