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performed world-wide as bassist of different projects including Pink Martini, Rudy Smith Quartet, Lola Regenthal duo, among many others. Working as upright and fretless electric bass player, producer, recording artist, and composer in New York City.

Reviews for Jonas T.
Bjorn W.
Bjorn W. for "Inside" New York's Jazz

We had a real cool jazz evening out in Greenwich Village with Jonas! A concerrt with worldfamous jazzartists, an intimate clubsession, a guitarrist, equilibrist with lots of feeling and then a last stop at an unbelivable place with promising young musiscans, table tennis and scrabble. A night to remember! Berit and Björn from Stockholm

Dan M.
Dan M. for "Inside" New York's Jazz

PS. I just wanted to vouch for those photos you can see here - I was behind him for half of them! :)

Dan M.
Dan M. for "Inside" New York's Jazz

The biggest problem NYC has as a tourist is the number of places created solely to cater to (and rinse the wallets of) tourists. Thanks to Jonas' deep, deep knowledge of the local scene (we were in the West Village) we didn't end up in a single one! In total we ended up at three different venues, the only thing beating us being jet-lag - we could have carried on otherwise! I could tell you where we went, but I don't want to ruin the surprises if you go (and you should!) Each one was markedly different - the first being a real divey, basement affair with pool tables and beat up old sofas and the most superb, quite up-tempo quartet. The second was a candlelit bar for a much more laid back trio which would have been great for dinner if we wanted it at the time, but we were just as welcome for drinks - they had a lush bourbon list! Finally, after stopping by one place (Smalls) which while legendary, was going to slightly over-stretch our pockets, we erred on a nearby spot for two more acts with no cover charge and decent cocktails. My wife and I had an amazing time and clearly Jonas did too - he's highly passionate about the music and really helps to explain what's going on, both from a jazz-theory and a scene perspective. I was in music-geek heaven!! Finally, he was sure to send us a list of all the places we went and acts we saw, with links, and even a lovely photo he snapped of us. I really couldn't have asked for anything more except money and energy so we could have made the night last longer :)

Juan B.
Juan B. for "Inside" New York's Jazz

This activity has been a fantastic and incredible experience. Jonas is a great guide, enjoy a lot with their knowledge and faith as jazz musician knows many people. I was impressed with the places that we staied and i can say that thanks Jonas i am a new jazz mysic fun. I recommend everyone this output for both jazz connoisseurs and those interested in simple. Thanks for all

Ingemar E.
Ingemar E. for "Inside" New York's Jazz

For many years I've been looking for something like this and now I've really found it! It was a night I'll never forget. Jonas knows the best clubs.He knows the musicians. He even played with many of them. As a professional double bassplayer he knows everything about Jazzmusic. Besides he is a real partyguy. I can strongly recommend the tour! Ingemar