Reviews by Sachin M.
Sachin M.

We had a fantastic time biking around with Mark. There are a few things he doesn't tell you.... (1) he will take pictures of you on the trip and (2) he has a garmin GPS on his bike and you will get a map with distance and elevation and speed and (3) if you bike down a hill, you don't necessarily have to go back up it :-) Mark is a serious ride used to hills and long trips, however he is happy to flex for your ability and needs. We actually chose him for the flexibility to decide what we wanted to do as the day progressed. Few things to consider..... you can bike around Florence itself. It is flat and urban and fun. However, once you leave the city, there are some climbs. The climbs are not necessarily easy. We are from Chicago so it is always flat. The hills were a challenge, but not un-doable. We stopped when we needed to and walked if we had to. The bikes you get are well maintained and comfortable. They will tell you if you return the bike within 5 hours, it is a bit cheaper, BUT, the shop is closed from 1-3 so if you leave at 9am like us, you either need to cut your day really short or pay the extra. It is only a couple of Euros, but something that was not mentioned up front. Overall, we went for 3-4 hours. It was a great time and well tailored for our ability and wants. Mark kept good tabs on us, has options ready to go at every turn and was very focused on our having fun. It is definitely better suited for serious riders, but novices like us will enjoy as well.

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Mark C.

Sachin and his wife, Sara were a pleasure to take on a cycling tour. The weather was threatening, and they were happy and flexible with the itinerary to allow for the best day. I had a fun time taking them both on a bike tour.

I Heart Italia

We cannot thank Sara & Sachin enough for joining us yesterday evening at the vineyard! We loved sharing the experience with them and feel as if we've made new friends. The weather did not exactly cooperate and there were strong winds and heavy rain for part of the night, but they were both great sports and didn't seem bothered in the least. We sat together with the winemaker and her family, wine tasted, dined, and shared stories and laughter well into the night. We wish Sara & Sachin all the best in their new married life together and hope to see them back in Italia very soon!