The world is our canvas and life is our art.

I was born and raised in McLean Virginia with my three brothers, but have since lived and worked in Beijing, Salt Lake, Taiwan, Seattle, and now San Francisco. In school, I studied economics and the classics, and love both quantitative modeling and great literature. After graduating, I spent a few years as a management consultant and as the Senior Editor at Deloitte’s Center for the Edge before joining the Vayable team.

I love trains, planes, automobiles, buses, motorcycles, parachutes, boats, ferries, tok toks, and anything else that can take me from point A to point B. There’s nothing like the freedom of traveling light, and I feel strongly that it takes a pretty amazing plan to beat having no plans at all. In all my life, I’ve never met anyone who said, ‘Gee, I wish I hadn’t traveled so much and gone so many awesome places.’ Have you?

I believe that traveling to new places is absolutely critical to becoming a new person. Being immersed in a differen... [More]

Reviews by Christopher

Alex is a great guide. He knows Paris top to bottom, and is a gifted story teller to boot. He took me to parts of the city I can guarantee that only a handful of people ever get to see. He's flexible and can help you plan an experience that's unique to what you're looking for. If you're looking for a real adventure, I highly recommend connecting with Alex.

Christopher for Shop Paris on a Budget

Johanna is a charming and knowledgeable guide. She's a wonderful conversationalist and her knowledge of the city is encyclopedic. We spend the day exploring some great stores where she knew when and where the best things would be. I highly recommend this tour.