Opportunities in life come along every so often for all of us. It’s what we do with them that matters.
For David Medeiros, one such opportunity presented itself in the form of a special living space in Brooklyn, New York that has provided a place to meet and interact with a myriad of characters from all over the world. From photographers native to Turkey and Australia to a Jazz guitarist who hails from Italy, and friends who he now considers brothers in Spain and Brazil. A large number of very special people have passed through his door.
All these people, all these experiences have forever left their mark on the photographer and this is evident in the body of work that has been created. David has the ability to tell a story with a truly unique perspective, the lens pulled into an uncommon focus. A strong portfolio has been built with a spotlight on live music, event, and portraiture work. David is currently working on a project entitled The Wall of Love. Portraits have been hung of all the guests that h... [More]

Reviews for David
Stacy H.
Stacy H. for A Portrait Session in Central Park

Our family session in NYC was fantastic!! David was professional, communicated well, was timely and did a remarkable job! We would highly recommend this experience while staying in NYC!

Lorelei G.
Lorelei G. for A Portrait Session in Central Park

David was professional, personable, and easy to work with. Great tour, and of the ones we've seen, great photos so far! Definitely recommend.

Sabu S.
Sabu S. for Manhattan Portraits Part 2

We did a photo tour with David and it was fantastic. He was great with our kids; we took breaks when needed and we were very happy with the pictures. We definitely recommend this tour!

Neil for Manhattan Portraits Part 1

We had a great time with David touring Midtown. He has a great sense of humor, and really loves to share NYC. We came away with several photos that we never would have had to capture our time in the city without David. If you are looking for an engaging host to lead you around and take photos at all the hot spots, David is your man.