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From Copenhagen, Denmark to San Francisco, California. Explorer of the Briny Deep and enjoying everything related to the salty sea.

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Eskil O.

Went with Guillaume on his trip, starting by the metro station. It's a solid tour of the places you'd want to go shopping for food (especially deli) if you lived in the area. There's a fantastic cheese store, great bakeries and specialty markets. He has a connection with some of the store owners, so you get the 15 minute intro and sampling taste (eg. the cheese store one was great!) He'll also tweak and adjust the tour to your interests and wishes, so if you know of something special you'd like to see, bring it up. Ask about the back-alley Armenian restaurant.

Eskil O.

This is for the traveler who wants to check of a few items on the list of things to see in Paris (Mona Lisa; check, Venus de Milo; check...) but not quite interested enough to spend an entire day at the Louvre. The museum is grand and fantastic enough that you can easily spend all day there. And after the one hour trip, you can stay in the museum and leisurely see what you want to see. I liked it, you're in quickly, you skip most of the lines and Uriel quickly guides you to a few key things to see. If you want to see a few key thing at the Louvre but not willing to spend an entire day (or be there early when the line is short), this is a solid way to do it.

Eskil O.
Eskil O. for Homemade Dinner for Your Office!

We had Heather come to the office and prepare a meal for an in-office family style dining for our team. The food (and wine) was great. It was an excellent experience and I'd recommend it for an in-office team dinner.