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I have an old photo of me from my first trip to Paris (and the first trip I really remember)--I was five and I'm standing quite far from the camera in front of the Eiffel Tower. The picture is black and white, but the buttoned-up peacoat I'm wearing as defense against the February drizzle is actually bright red and I have a small, black, woolen cloche hat pulled down over my brow. The way the story goes is that people kept approaching my parents to ask in broken French if they could take a souvenir photo with their little French girl. I guess I looked at home.

Though a native of Oakland, California, I have been lucky enough to keep finding myself at home in new places all over the world. I started traveling when I was young and never stopped, visiting over 25 countries and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vermont, Boston, and Graz, Austria. Traveling to any place, whether it's your first time there or your fiftieth, is about finding something there that you didn't expect to and I love helping other... [More]

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Grace G.

Deirdre's Community Garden-Greenmarket Walk is a fantastic experience. Not just because we explored so many wonderful and hidden spots in the city, but also because Deirdre is the nicest person. She knows a lot about NYC and nature, which makes a perfect mix and lead us to places we didn't imagine they exist here. Also Deirdre donates part of the revenues to local garden projects. Thanks for a lot of fun, Deirdre!