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For the last 15 years I traveled and stayed outside of my home and country trying to find a place where I could settle down, when I finally found it I had to leave but I know I will be back. For now I am living in Dubai, I am here already since over 3 years and a half and I have to say that I learnt how to enjoy this city a lot... let me help you enjoy it as well, I will love to explain you all I learnt about it so far.. its good sides, but as well all those so well hidden sins. I promise you once we meet you will not regret, I will take you to all the places you would be not able to find yourself, I will tell you all the stories about the city that are well hidden from the public and I will show you the other side of Dubai, very interesting one but somehow not the one that Dubai is famous for.
On the other hand if you would need a guide to take you around all the touristic spots of the city, the must see places I am here for you as well. If Dubai is just a transportation hub for you, I can show you whol... [More]

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Reviews for Kasper I.
Claudia D.
Claudia D. for Tastes of Istanbul

Kasper is the best. He took us to several places we'd never have found ourselves and we got the best real Turkish food. He knows lots of people around town and everyone seems to like him very much. He speaks fluent Turkish and has a lovely warm way of connecting to all sorts of people, from all levels of society. He took us to his favorite bakery, two small Turkish restaurants, a baklava place...the only one that makes chocolate baklava, and for a tea on the bank of the Golden Horn. We also walked in districts we would never have found on our own and saw where real people in Istanbul live, not just tourists. You will be lucky if you can have him as your tour guide!

Claudia D.
Claudia D. for Two Continents - Europe & Asia!

Kasper is a terrific guide. He is fabulous at connecting with people of all sorts, from simple vendors to well-educated. He knows the City inside out and showed us some of his favorite places which we would never have seen on our own because we are tourists. He can customize a tour to anyone's wishes. His Turkish is fluent and a godsend to non-speakers like us. He knows the history and the sites as well as the backstreets and neighborhoods a tourist would not find. His sunny disposition and intelligent conversation are also a real plus. We wish him all the best in the future and hope he will come visit us at our home one of these days!

Esel S.

We booked Kasper for a 5 hour Food tour. The experience was the highlight of our trip! Although we had several challenges like the holiday schedule and our change in travel, Kasper still managed to show us the best Istanbul has to offer and taste some really authentic dishes. (my favorite was the fish sandwhich) We went off the beaten path but still got to see the fanstastic sites of Istanbul. Kasper has a deep understanding of this city and its cuisine, plus he has a great eye for photography. he even recommended us a restaurant for dinner that we very much enjoyed. We will definately be booking him again when we return to Istanbul!

Heather P.
Heather P. for Tastes of Istanbul

My boyfriend and I visited Istanbul for the first time and were very happy that we went on a food tour with Kasper at the start of our trip. Starting from Taksim Square and walking all the way down to the sea, we saw beautiful views and were introduced to many new foods. We learned delicious drinks and dishes that we went on ordering for the rest of our stay. During the subsequent week, we ate at more places that Kasper recommended, and they were terrific (usually better than others we found!). Kasper's tour was also a great introduction to the windy streets and many neighborhoods of Istanbul's Beyoglu district -- it really helped us orient us in this exciting place, and find cafes and beautiful rooftop restaurants we hung out at later in the trip. Kasper was very friendly and we had much interesting conversation along the way. I've already recommended this tour to other friends of mine visiting Istanbul.

Tracy H.
Tracy H. for Istanbul Contrasts - Full Day Tour

I went on this 12 hour tour with Kasper at the very end of July. I had a wonderful time. It was as if I were visiting a friend in Istanbul who was very excited to show me his city. We visited many villages on both sides of the Bosporus, and tried several local specialties which were all delicious. We walked most of the day (my request), but if you prefer public transportation, Kasper will arrange this. I really got to see and know a lot of the city, something that alone I would not have been able to do in my limited time in Istanbul. If you would like a flexible and friendly guide to show you around, I recommend that you send Kasper an email, and tell him what you would like to see/do for a tour. You will very much enjoy it and find it worthwhile!

Girish S.
Girish S. for Navigate Istanbul

Kasper met my friend and I for a night time tour, and a day time tour. He took us around a bunch of little streets and gave us a GREAT introduction to the city. Seriously. He was also very willing to answer my million questions in an honest manner. Hangin with Kasper was awesome! Highly recommended

Michał Z.
Michał Z. for Navigate Istanbul

Kasper met me and my friends when we first arrived to Istanbul and gave us not only great introduction to the city, but as well recommendations, local cell phone that saved us couple of times, and even his help 24/7!! Kasper is very easy going and friendly guy. After the first meeting we met with him couple of times more and thanks to him we enjoyed the city to the best. Thanks Kasper for all your help! You made these holidays better then we could imagine. Contacting Kasper was best we could do before coming to Istanbul. Highly recommend!

Michał Z.
Michał Z. for Istanbul Contrasts - Full Day Tour

Istanbul Contrasts tour is complete! I felt like in one day I have seen more then during rest 5 days of my stay in Istanbul. I tried as well amazing foods, and got recommendations from Kasper that helped me enjoy my stay in Istanbul a lot! Beside, Kasper is very open minded and friendly guy, from the very first time you meet him, he makes you feel like you know each other from a long time. This tour is a must to do once being in Istanbul! I recommend it to all of you!

Merve E.
Merve E. for Istanbul Contrasts - Full Day Tour

As in description, it is a perfect tour for all tourists that came to Istanbul for the first time, but as well for all the people that already have been here! Kasper knows a lot about the city (we visited many neighborhoods - Cengelkoy, Kanlica, Rumelihisari, Bebek, Arnavutkoy, Takim, Cihangir, Galata, Karakoy... etc.), he knows where to eat (amazing local specialities I even did not know about, plus all the local musts to eat before leaving from Istanbul!) and even I though I know Istanbul quite well, he surprised me not once. After these tour you feel your stay in Istanbul is complete!

Greg G.
Greg G. for Turkey & Croatia Getaway

Kasper setup my whole trip around Turkey. I was expecting like a small showing around the area. What I got was an all over in view of Turkey. I am not complaining at all. Arriving in Istanbul was sort of chaotic due to the timing with the Taxim protests. However, Kasper met me at the airport and made sure I got to where I was staying safely and even showed me around the neighborhood. Later on he showed me all the cool spots to eat from the best menemen, to a really good baklava. Kasper also took me around to all the pretty terrific historic spots in the area (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower) as well as just some pretty cool neighborhoods with little shops along the way. There was even a stop for a nargila :) The whole experience felt very personal. Because of the protests, Kasper was meeting me at all areas of the city and improvising transport pretty awesomely. I would not have been able to do it without him there for sure. After Istanbul, Kasper had arranged a lot to do around the country. I got to go to Izmir to have some fun and later explore the Ephesus. Then I chilled in the town of Çeşme where I just sort of enjoyed the scenery and visited the island of Chios. I later went to Kaleici in Antalya to see some historic homes in the middle of a very modern city. Next up was the outdoors of Mt Olympus where I got to do some great rock climbing, some nice hiking and experience the fire mountain (pretty awesome). At the end of it all I ended up in Kapadokya where the highlight for me was definitely the hot air ballon ride over the land during the sunrise. It was completely breathtaking. I had explored the amazing terrain on the ground earlier but nothing really could compare to the view you get of the area above. After so much excitement and exploration I then got to lounge around in Croatia in Split and Dubrovnik for a bit just to unwind and relax. This was overall, the best trip I had ever taken. I got to see things I probably would not have found on my own and actually felt safe the entire time doing it. Kasper was in contact throughout the whole trip which while sounding like a small thing, was actually really comforting considering I was traveling alone. Kasper even set up everything from where I was staying, to how I got from place to place as well. It made this whole trip really relaxing while at the same time really fun since all the logistics were taken care of. I would totally do this again.

Phil V.
Phil V. for Tastes of Istanbul

This is a way overdue review for Kasper. I have never been to Turkey before and seeing that food is pretty much number one on my agenda when it comes to traveling, I decided to do this tour on my first full day in Istanbul. My friend and I met Kasper for the taste and contrast tour and had a blast. This man knows Istanbul like the back of his hand. Introduced us to restaurants and bars that we wouldn't otherwise know about. We sampled a lot of different things that Istanbul has to offer and it was the perfect beginner's crash course to Istanbul's food scene. The greatest part of the tour was the fact that it didn't feel like we were on a food tour so to speak. I felt like more like a friend who's showing me around Istanbul. If you are looking for a great introduction to what Istanbul has to offer, definitely hit Kasper up.

Veronica for Tastes of Istanbul

We highly recommend this tour with Kasper! It was a perfect introduction to this amazing city, which has so much on the surface and even more below. There are hundreds of shops selling pide, kebaps, kofte, etc.--it's hard to know which ones are worth trying. Of course, we didn't have time to sample all of Kasper's favorites, but he pointed them out, we took pictures of the store fronts, and came back later. (I recommend noting directions as well, because the streets can be confusing.) Loved ALL of them! He also emailed us an additional food tour itinerary that we could try on our own time. It was involved... it required bus rides, boat rides, and asking locals for help.... all worth it for what was one of our favorite days of truly experiencing Istanbul. We sampled the famous Kanlica yogurt with powdered sugar (ooooh so delicious), the most amazing borek, and more outstanding food all complemented by scenic rides along and across the Bosphorous. In addition to his great knowledge of the food Istanbul has to offer, Kasper is a genuinely nice person--we felt like we were being welcomed to the city. Spending an evening with him was a pleasure as we restaurant hopped, sampling kokoreç, downing beer, and enjoying a nargile.

Danna K.
Danna K. for Tastes of Istanbul

Kasper was a wonderful tour guide. He took me to places I never would have found or heard of on my own that were all exceptional. I had the best baklava, turkish ice cream, fish sandwich, borek, and too much else to remember. Additionally, Kasper gave me some wonderful recommendations for the rest of my time in Istanbul based on what I mentioned I was interested in. Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the city.

Amanda L.
Amanda L. for Tastes of Istanbul

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon Kasper! We enjoyed your insider's perspective and knowledge of Istanbul's lesser known spots very much. Our favourite part of the tour was the food! I don't think we would have found all of these wonderful spots on our own. We went back to the "fat" man's cart by the Galata Bridge for a fish sandwish before we left Istanbul...you were right, he did make the best! We would definitely recommend for others to enjoy this tour with you as well.

Brian W.
Brian W. for Tastes of Istanbul

I took Kasper's tour at the end of a 6-day trip to Istanbul and wasn't sure initially if I would have already seen all I had needed to see. But he showed me many neighborhoods, sites and unique corners of the city that would never have known about otherwise. He brings a great knowledge and enthusiasm for Istanbul that is contagious from the start. Most of all, he tailored a tour that had much variety - from fish sandwiches along the piers to an excellent baklava restaurant to a rooftop tea house/restaurant (I appreciated his photography too, as others here have noted). There was a small glitch towards the end of our afternoon when we got stuck in heavy traffic on what was supposed to be a short bus ride to a pier. But it was clearly unusual and not something one could predict. I ended the day - and my trip - feeling that I had gotten a special perspective on a big and fascinating city.

Matthew B.
Matthew B. for Tastes of Istanbul

This was not our first trip to Istanbul. It is a city that we love to get lost in and make all sorts of wonderful discoveries. Joining up with Kasper was totally amazing. He took us to places we would had not discovered on our own or may have passed by not knowing better. He tailored the route to our interests and tastes and off we went. We spent our evening eating our way thru Istanbul. All sorts of tasty treats from savory to sweet. It was one of our best evenings in Istanbul. To be honest, Kasper has a great personality and is able to make everyone feel comfortable. He is multilingual and well-travelled so it is easy to make conversation with him from the instant we met. This was a great way to really see the contrasts and tastes of Istanbul.

Merve E.
Merve E. for Enjoy Turkish Breakfast!

If you are tourist in Istanbul you may get little bit confused where to eat or perhaps you can pass without noticing that there is the best food lying there. This doesn't happen with Kasper because he has lots of amazing places that are off-the path that you wouldn't come across by yourself. When we met Kasper, he offered us different types of places where we could possibly have our breakfast, and we chose the menemen place which is old style looking but even it was mentioned in Guardian as one of the best breakfast places in Istanbul. So menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper & different ingredients) was perfect, my favorite was menemen with cheese. And of course you should definitely leave a space in your tummy for Bal and Kaymak ( Honey and sweet cream). I highly recommend this tour to all! Don't miss out having a nice Turkish breakfast and a great, talkative, funny guide before leaving Istanbul!

Merve E.
Merve E. for Tastes of Istanbul

I always think that the foreigners know better than the locals where is best to eat, where is best to have great view. In Istanbul sure you can find many places and tastes but if you have Kasper your company he will take you to best places from baklava to hookah from breathtaking views to less occupied places by tourists. When I met Kasper, he showed me the best places and these places became my favorite ones, and I am really thankful for that! If you wanna enjoy Istanbul and meanwhile taste some great local foods I definitely suggest you to have Kasper as your guide. And as well he will tell you what to do in the city, where to go after and he always has interesting stories and information about the city!! You will not regret ;)

Teddy K.
Teddy K. for Tastes of Istanbul

Our only regret with Greg is that we didn't see him our first day in Istanbul so we could have benefitted from all his insights and great recommendations! He's a truly gracious guy, me us outside the grand bazaar and tolerated what I'm sure must be a bore accompanying tourists around that thick market of souvenirs and wonders. We went off on a meandering tour of interesting nooks and crannies, a tea/smoke house with only locals, delicious grilled mackerel sandwiches with parsley and olive oil, the best baklavas in Istanbul, a side trip to a cafe with wireless so I could make an important call back to the U.S, and ended up in galata, a Greg neighborhood centered around a tower where we climbed up to a breathtaking view of the entire panorama sipping tea and enjoying Greg's engaging company. Highly recommended!

Bart for Enjoy Turkish Breakfast!

I have sussed out why Kasper is in love with Istanbul! it's all because of Turkish food! I'm pretty sure that the breakfast that he'll take you to can unleash in you the similar feelings.. Eating the bal with kaymak and gozleme with cheese and mushrooms on the Bosphours coast is the best option to start a lovely day in Istanbul! Totally recommended!