I was born and raised in Oakland on R&B. I represent the Westside! but my heart has taken roots across the globe. I've worked in East Africa, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the border of Burma, even my real name sounds international, it's Gaow, like when you stub your toe.

My American name is Michelle but you could call me Carmen San Diego cause my passport looks like a well thumbed bible. I'd still be traveling the globe but I have too many dogs. Plus I work with the coolest kids in Silicon Valley. They convinced me we could build the definitive meeting place to share the greatest experiences in any city in the world. I thought it was too great a challenge, so I signed up.

I want to meet the next generation of explorers. Those who think Google Earth is an amuse bouche. In another life I'm a 19th century paleontologist about to unearth the largest land reptiles ever imagined. But in this life, the same discovery of the unknown and reimagining of the familiar drives me to work every mornin... [More]

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Michelle S.
Michelle S. for Unique Shopping in Paris

We spent a magical Parisian day with Sarah. It all began at a famous cafe in the 11th (where many movies have been filmed including Midnight in Paris) where we actually ran into a famous French supermodel with her entourage. After we had our fill of papparrazzi, we headed on a walk along the most fabulous shops and concept stores where Sarah was able to point out quickly exactly which store was best for what purpose. You could essentially just do all your gift shopping (or buy your entire fall wardrobe) in a just a few hours with this girl! At the end of it all, Sarah took us to a buzzworthy rooftop bar (no sign and no name posted for this Insider spot) where we were treated to a glass of rose and 360 degree views of beautiful Paris. All in all, truly the perfect day.

Michelle S.

Walk with Uriel and you will feel like a superstar. First, you walk through the Pyramids, past the impossibly long line without a moment's wait and you are in the atrium of the great Louvre. Uriel takes you on a one hour best of as well as off the beaten path of the one of the world's greatest museums. For those who just dabble in art, it's the perfect amount. The art buffs can think of it as a primer. After it's over, you feel as if you have done so much more, it's hardly possible to cram everything you saw in an hour and with your friend Uriel who always throws in a few laughs with the facts.