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I am dreamer by nature. I have been living in Paris for years now, I am a musician and an entrepreneur (in some way), a storyteller and art lover. I love to meet new friends and sharing my findings about the history of Paris and its hidden stories after years of research and digging alongside historians and passionate friends. Sharing those hidden secrets, the french ciusine flavours and meeting people are part of one of my biggest dreams ever. Welcome to my dream, maybe your dream is just around the corner. Welcome to Paris by Martin, your friend in town!

Please, find my REVIEWS on TripAdvisor. All my VAYABLE reviews and comments are there: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187147-d3405921-Reviews-Paris_by_Martin_Private_Tours-Paris_Ile_de_France.html

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Reviews for Martin
Pamela N.
Pamela N. for Your Friend in Paris

Loved having Martin get us acclimated to Paris! Fortunately, he was able to meet us at our hotel and before we even walked out the door he formulated a walking plan of where to go and what to see. But, the most important thing was he helped guide us by teaching us how to use the Metro (we asked and he answered plus some) and explained the steps which helped us feel comfortable in getting around on our own if he wasn't there. Martin's insights into Paris were most entertaining and he was a true joy to be around for we weary travelers who had just arrived into Paris and were definitely suffering from jetlag and, therefore, grumpy. No mind to that as Martin was willing to do whatever our family needed. Hungry? Let's stop. Want to see Napoleon Bonaparte's hat? Here it is. Definitely worth every euro to have him give us the tour. And, he wants to make sure that everyone loves Paris as much as he that he passes along his contact information should we need it anytime.

Hsun W. for Your Friend in Paris

Martin knows the city better than Parisians. always telling everything you want to know about paris. He always says he never get tired of paris such elegent, fresh and rich of stories behind. I am not first time in Paris, actually i hate paris, it bored me so many times, now totally changed because of Martin. OH! cheese also fantastic! Love it! And Martin is so nice person, you wont regret to know him! Highly recommend! !! Cheers Martin!

Judith for Your Friend in Paris

Martin provides a charming tour of central Paris. He will customize to cover areas of interest. This is not a canned tour and his love of the city is infectious. If packaged tours are not your thing, try this tour. You will really feel like you have a friend in Paris!