Laura F.

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One day a girl with a bee in her bonnet had no money and wanted to go traveling.She was working construction & living with Mom.No fun.
Back as a freewheeling college student, she studied abroad in Italy. She spent the year traveling, meeting Italians from all over, learning the ins & outs of some obscure country towns. She wanted to go back.
The girl decided to share her knowledge of Italy's special places! So she grabbed some local highschoolers & took them to her first Italian hometown: Siena. They spent ten fun-filled days biking around. They ate deer steak & wild boar salami; they toured a vineyard & learned winemaking; they made spinach ravioli by hand; they stayed with nuns, college students & historians. It started to rain & a Chianti local threw his underwear through their second story window. Basically, they all had a really good time.
Our happy girl enjoyed herself so much, she realized she wanted to do this again. and again. and again. And Piccolina Adventures was born.