Anne D.

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I'm a Paris-loving graphic designer with a visual mind, love of travel and desire to explore the everyday world. As author of the blog, Prêt à Voyager, and "Paris Small Shops" Herb Lester guide, I'm always eager to share tips for your next trip to Paris. Start here: http://www.pret-a-voyager.com/visit-paris and follow me @pretavoyager on Twitter + Instagram for more.

– Anne

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Reviews for Anne D.
William M.

Highly recommend! It was our first time in Paris, and Anne met us at our apartment and cheerfully got us on our way. We walked for a bit and got the scoop on shops in the area, a little bit on Etiquette, and some solid tips on understanding the Metro on our way up to the Paris Flea Market. It was a great way for us to ease into this wonderful city and bypass the "touristy" route. Thanks Anne!

Leigh A.

Booking Anne our first day in Paris was totally worth the jet lag and droopy eyes. Anne asked us lots of questions in advance about what interests us. She showed us her favorite coffee / tea spot, lots of off the beaten path spots that we wouldn't have known to explore, and helped us navigate the Metro. By the end of our four nights in Paris we were pros! Thanks for the restaurant recommendations too, Anne! We ended up going to the hummus / pita place (name escapes me right now) and that cauliflower was to die for.

Cathy W.

This was our second tour with Anne and it was delightful. She met us at our hotel, and guided us to our chosen destination via the Metro and provided excellent advice for our return trip on the bus. She takes all opportunities to explain where and how to explore Paris. Our chosen destination to explore was the Paris Flea Market, and Anne did a great job of getting us there before the crowds and guiding us through the various individual markets. She translated for us as we purchased items from the vendors. I highly recommend Anne for tours of Paris.

Rina A.

My husband and I traveled to Paris for our honeymoon, and being designers ourselves we were very interested in seeing local, offbeat sights that could give us a true sense of the city. While looking up guides online, I found Anne's design tour, and immediately booked it. It was a great experience! She was extremely friendly, very keen on making sure what she showed us were to our interests, all the while showing us a variety of places and spaces. The tour was relaxed yet informative, and a complete delight for the senses. If you are interested in seeing another side of Paris that can't be found on the typical tourist guides, I would highly recommend booking a tour with Anne!

Ayako S.

Choosing Navigate Paris was one of the best decisions we made during our trip to Paris. Anne was absolutely lovely, and her knowledge of the city was incredibly impressive. Our tour happened to land on a national holiday but Anne was up to the task, finding places that were accessible even when most of the city was shut down. She shared helpful tips with us both during and after the trip; we ended up visiting a lot of places in the following days that we either didn’t have time for or were closed on the day of the tour. We can’t recommend this tour enough! (And thanks, Anne, for taking part in Operation Golden Paw — our friends were delighted with the photos!)


Anne made my stay in Paris so lovely and fun. I've already visited Paris 4 times before this time and need new and different experience. Anne expresses herself and her favourite style on online such as blog and Instagram and therefore, it was easy to know "SHE MUST HAVE LIKEMINDED TASTE TO ME". This my feeling was absolutely correct !! Because of Anne's human connections, I had chances to speak the cafe owner and artisan. I also enjoyed the talk with her at her favourite cafe and she inspired me not only as a good Vayable guide, but also a woman who works in the ideal style and area. I checked the next ticket to Paris on the train towards London (my home). She sent me a recap email after the tour to explain everything we walked around together. It was so useful and I feel her kindness. Having a knowledgeable and kind local at the travel destination brings our travel to the different experience. It will give us another scope to explore the destination. Definitely recommend booking her tour in Paris.


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Tour. So worth it. Got us comfortable with the city-so we weren't scared to go and get lost in it :) Thanks Anne!!!

Shahar K.

Excellent and knowledgeable Anne is a wonderful guide to current design in paris. Of you want a quick look into "where it it's right now", ask Anne to take you there. From design that's there for a long time, like architecture, to current popup shops, she knows all and happy to show you what interests you. We only had 2 days and it was a good choice to spend 4 hours with her!

Angela T.

I was thrilled to re-connect with Anne in Paris again. We met last year for a fun day when I was in Paris on my own for business and I was excited to spend the day with her again on our recent family trip to Paris. We covered lots of interesting places that I'd never find on my own and it was like meeting up with an old friend in Paris!

Ray B.

We had a wonderful afternoon with Anne on the Navigate Paris tour. I provided her with a list of our interests and past experiences and she delivered the perfect tour for us! This included an overview of Paris and how to use the metro. Her e-mail follow-up of our tour was a great addition. I would recommend Anne for a first time or returning visitor to Paris. Thanks again Anne!!!

Diane I.

Anne gives a spectacular tour! She listened to my interests (textiles, paper products) and tailored the tour accordingly. She is very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we visited, as well as about Paris in general. Thanks to Anne, I also became an expert in navigating the Paris metro system! I highly recommend engaging Anne to provide a tour; she is good company.

Arun K.

hi Anne, How are you?

Virginia W.

We had a lovely time navigating Paris with Anne. Even though we were tired after our long flight, we enjoyed our time with Anne. She was on time waiting for us at our hotel. She gave us a general introduction of Paris with their districts and off we went. The 3 hours was spent on walking a few interesting areas around our hotel, and she took us on a metro ride to show us how to navigate ourselves with the Paris superb metro system. After the tour Anne recapped in an email of what we did and give us more tips, websites and info. We find them very helpful. I will recommend first time visitor to Paris to take this tour. Thank you Anne, we had a lovely time in Paris.

Mike B.

Anne was very insightful and completely helpful in understanding and negotiating Paris! It was well worth the time as she basically took us in hand and shows us the sights. I absolutely would recommend Anne! Mike


Anne is so much fun! She truly is a skilled tour guide with a wonderful knowledge of Paris, along with keen sense of style + design. Very well prepared + on task, Anne led us on a memorable Paris adventure filled with learning experiences, current hot spots + must-see's, a sprinkling of culture, + a few tasty treats! Thanks Anne, we hope to see you on our next visit for more fun!

Craig Z.

We had a wonderful time touring with Anne- In addition to being very informative she is absolutely delightful! It was great to get some new tips and commentary about the day to day navigation of Paris as well as some fun history. Thanks, Anne! Maureen and Craig Zander Milwaukee, WI

Rebecca W.

We loved seeing Paris in a new light with Anne! She's warm, approachable and knowledgeable- a great guide for showing off Paris from a design angle. I felt like we saw hidden gems that only Parisians would know about, and Anne had the inside scoop. I would highly recommend this as a unique and personal experience!

Deborah J.

Anne did a great job. She is personable, knowledgable and efficient. She had arranged her tour with us to touch on our interests. This was a great re-introduction to Paris, and we learned some very helpful things that we had not known before.


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Anne. It was our first time visiting Paris and neither of us speak the language. Spending several hours with Anne put our fears and concerns to rest. We loved our time in Paris, and I think Navigating Paris with Anne was a great way to begin our trip.

Kate C.

This was such a wonderful way to get a feel for the city. For anyone interested in finding all of the hidden gems of Paris food, art, and culture, this is the tour for you. Anne was so helpful and gave great, honest advice about the different neighborhoods of Paris. She knows the things that travel books won't tell you! All around awesome time.

Reviews by Anne D.
Anne D.

This was seriously the perfect start to my trip. I give tours in Paris and sometimes I forget how great it is to have someone help get you grounded and put you in the context of the place. Jo was full of tons of fascinating facts that only someone who lives there would know. My trip was a last minute assignment for a client so I was completely unprepared going down there. Jo brought me up to speed on what I should know, and even helped recommend a hotel that was completely affordable – across the French border, but completely central to everything else. Highly recommended, and it makes exploring on your own later far less daunting.

Anne D.

Given the GrandPrix taking a car ride in Monaco only seemed appropriate. I know nothing about cars, but it was fun to have a choice (I went by color and picked the yellow Fiat). Jean-Luc picked me up in complete style and we started driving up into the cliffs. Wow those roads are windy! (This tour is not for those who easily get car sick). It was a gorgeous way to see a bit more of the coast outside of Monaco, and be with a local expert to help point out things I never would have known. It was fun to spend the afternoon with Jean-Luc who knows cars + the south of France. . . . Also, your friends will be totally jealous when you post a picture of the car you got to ride in :)

Anne D.

I had a super short stay in Dublin and Emily helped make the most of it. She knew all the great spots, and with a great twist of Irish design (I'm a graphic designer so she picked spots knowing my interest). We met some designers too who showed us their work. I saw places I wouldn't have been able to see without a local. Emily is super friendly and welcoming, and it was a pure delight to get to see Dublin through her eyes. Now I want to go back and explore more!! Definitely recommending to all my friends!

Anne D.

I had a super short stay in Dublin and Emily helped make the most of it. She knew all the great spots, and with a great twist of Irish design. We met some designers too who showed us their work. I saw places I wouldn't have been able to see without a local. Emily is super friendly and welcoming, and it was a pure delight to get to see Dublin through her eyes. Now I want to go back and explore more!! Definitely recommending to all my friends!