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I truly believe that travel is a formative experience and I encourage everyone to go to as many places and experience as many cultures as you can!

My parents are immigrants from El Salvador, I grew up in LA, went to the University of California, Berkeley where I studied Political Science and Peace and Conflicts studies with an emphasis on International Relations - so I've always had a very global perspective.

I was formerly a member of the digital team on Hillary Clinton's campaign for her 2016 presidential run - focusing on getting people to volunteer, attend events and ultimately to vote through email.

I've visited Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Melbourne, Manila; done road trips in El Salvador, Ireland, New Zealand, and the continental U.S.; studied abroad in Buenos Aires; and lived in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco, and New York City. Looking forward to more trips in the future, including to France to finish becoming fluent in French!

Reviews for Sonia S.
Nick H.

They were great! Very friendly and engaging. It will be lovely to see them both again at some time. And knew quite a bit about Vayable too..! 😀


Sonia is a lovely young lady with a sining personality, very curious and interested about food and culture, she is a foodie that loves to take the best from like. I loved time with them. Thank you sonia for shering your oliday time with me. cheers

Michael P.

Sonia is great people. She is both historically astute and pragmatic as a person. Vayable is in good hands with her as the new marketing director, and it will be exciting to see the direction that she this tech-company in. Thanks for tagging a long!

Reviews by Sonia S.
Sonia S.

This experience was amazing! As major book lovers and literary nerds, we really loved learning about the lives and loves of some of the most well known writers and artists through this immersive and unique tour of the pubs and taverns that inspired them. Our guide Nick was funny, interesting, and very knowledgable about the history of all these folks during their time and how they continue to inspire many current writers and artists living in the area. He really *knows* the topic because it's so close to his own work as a founder of a theatre company. This experience is not to be missed while in London!

Sonia S.

Michael was a great and informative guide! He took us around Lower Manhattan and explained a lot of the history of NYC we'd never heard of. Not only is he knowledgeable on the history of protesting and the counter-culture through the ages but he was there when Occupy Wall Street was going on and gave a lot of personal details. Would definitely recommend this tour!