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Our mission is to bring a small group of individuals together in a beautiful natural setting who feel the same way, and have the time of our lives.

One part travel, one part adventure, YOGASCAPES spice up the age-old “yoga retreat” by combining today’s most vibrant and energetic yoga and wellness teachers with in-tune adventure guides, local culture, some tasty food, and a crew of similar minded fun-loving people from across the globe. Best of all, the party always goes down at one of our hand picked, off-the-beaten path destinations amidst breathtaking natural beauty. These ain’t your mama’s escapes, they’re YOGASCAPES.

Ben Crosky leads yoga retreats around the world. Driven by his curiosity about the conversation between yoga, travel and adventure he creates unique trips to exotic destinations by teaming up with some of the most inspiring teachers in the world. Our latest project is a series of farm to table yoga dinners in the Bay Area.

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Reviews for Yogascapes
Catharine for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

You know you are investing in a great value evening when Ben Crosky is involved. His passion for bringing his clients the best possible experience is 100%. I have been to several farms with Ben and had a great time sharing in Ben's adventures. Prepare for great food & an exceptional experience that will become a cherished memory you feast on for years!

Rachel for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

It doesn't get any better than this. All the best aspects of living in Northern California in one down-to-earth experience: fab folks, delicious locally-grown (literally, across the garden!) foods, soul-driven yoga in a rustic barn. Gospel Flat Farm is incredibly charmed; you'll leave buzzing, feeling alive, well-nourished, and uber-connected. If I had kids, I'd for sure bring them to get a taste of a true farm-to-table meal — and to meet a few real-life chickens, too. A don't-miss experience.

Emily for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

Fabulous yoga teachers leading class in a stunning location, followed by fresh, wholesome, delicious food and maybe even a massage? YES, PLEASE. Ben's energy as a leader absolutely makes any experience with him, and he attracts some of the best chefs/masseuses/yoga teachers in the bay to team up for these events. A perfect soul- and body-rejuvenating afternoon!

Julia for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

What a wonderful day! I left feeling energized and alive, and happy to live in such an amazing place. Everyone should treat themselves to this experience! I know I will again, and again, and again.

Jody for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

In my experience any event put on by Ben at Sol Yoga Trips is like signing up for a trip to heaven...here on Earth. Thank you Ben!

Ashley for Farm to Table Dinner and Yoga

This looks awesome. I will definitely be there!