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Vancouver, the city of glass, is known for its stunning scenery, rambunctious hockey fans, outrageously priced real estate, and international cuisine. Vancouverites are a curious group of people that are often full of paradoxes. We are pegged as a pot smoking hippie bunch yet riot at the first sign of losing a hockey tournament. We are supposedly the healthiest city in Canada yet you can’t go a few blocks without stumbling on to a local craft brewery or a food cart selling greasy delicious pulled pork. We love yoga pants yet have a thriving hipster culture. We are an unaffordable city yet full of young international students and artists. We love the outdoors but have world-class shopping centers and casinos. The truth is we are all of those things and more.

You can’t mention Vancouver without talking about the scenery. It’s our Eiffel Tower, our Opera House, our Disney World! This is what makes Vancouver spectacular. Our city is stunning and we know it. And we like to take advantage of it and so should you. Like hiking and skiing? Yeah we got that. The Coastal Mountain range snakes up the North side of the city and the local ski hills are a mere 20 minutes from downtown. You like ocean sports? Yeah we got that too. Vancouver is surrounded by the Pacific which is full of delicious food and provides all sorts of entertainment from wind-surfing to paddle boarding to relaxing on the beach. Love biking, seeing wild animals, participating in mega-marathon races, snowshoeing, swimming in outdoor saltwater pools, and rock climbing? Yeah we are all over those and basically any other outdoor activity your adventurous mind could think of. Vancouver truly is an outdoor adventure paradise.

But we are not just for the outdoor-minded. World-class dining, a thriving art community, a gritty downtown eastside, some seriously rowdy nightlife, and a socially conscious community make Vancouver a unique city. We speak our mind whether it is about providing affordable housing, increasing the controversial bike lanes, curbing the drug culture, or protecting our natural resources. Yet we laugh at ourselves too. Yes we are obsessed with yoga. And yes, we eat a ton of sushi. And yes, we love to bitch about the rain. But when the sun is finally shining and you are strutting your stuff on the seawall, and you have the mountains at your back and the ocean at your feet, you truly can appreciate the wonder that makes Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world

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