Adventure in Vancouver

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About Adventure in Vancouver

If you visit Vancouver and don’t do at least one outdoor activity or adventure, consider your trip wasted. And I don’t mean extreme downhill skiing or paragliding off a mountain, although those are definitely options. I mean getting outside and visiting the places that make Vancouver special. Take a walk along one of the many beaches and coastlines that are teeming with ocean wildlife and Pacific kelp. Immerse yourself in our rainforests and really breathe in the fresh air of those cedars and pines. Take your book into one of our parks and just watch the many birds, squirrels, and occasional deer go by. All of these activities and more are so close to the city and so easy to get to that you would be crazy to miss them. You can swim, bike, hike, and climb your way through our nature and I promise it will show you a side of British Columbia you will never forget.

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